Sunrise Ceremony with Lindsay Dobbin

Credit Nigel Quinn

June 21, at 5 am, Lindsay Dobbin invited people to a sunrise ceremony in the caves of Dune du Sud beach and then presented Invisible Paths, a moment of listening followed by a drum walk in Butte des Demoiselles.

Closing in the East

Credit Nigel Quinn

Saturday, June 25 
2 pm: Stroll and presentation, with Sara Dignard and Marie-Line Leblanc
→  Departure from the Grande-Entrée Youth Centre, 614, Route 199, Grande-Entrée

4 pm: Boat Launching, by Christopher Boyne
→  Grande-Entrée Wharf

5 pm: Party—bubbles and music!
In collaboration with La mer sur un plateau
→ La Salicorne Inn,  377, Route 199, Grande-Entrée

Lose Your Way, Vanish


Credit Nigel Quinn

Thursday june 23:

3 pm : Listening as Wayfinding – Listening walk with Lindsay Dobbin on Corfu Beach

5 pm : Listening session of the stories recorded by Adriana Kuiper and Ryan Suter, on À l’abri de la Tempête, Microbrewery’s site. On friday 24th, they will go around the Islands broadcasting the stories with a transmission tower on a bike trailer.

7h30 : Ongoing conversation with Michael Fernandes at Headquarters, 518, ch. Gros Cap. Michael’s intervention’s site is on chemin des Huet in Fatima. you are invited into the small clearing he converted into dream space for an intimate encounter with the place!




From Sea to Night – Maryse Goudreau, Samuel Thulin, Katia Grenier

Credit Nigel Quinn  and Katia Grenier

Wednesday, June 22

2 pm : Maryse Goudreau organizes a participatory photo shoot. She will shoot images (pictures and video) for an experimental movie on Magdalen Islands whales. She invites you to participate and join her creation at Musée de la Mer-Îles de la Madeleine (1023 chemin de la Grâve, Havre-Aubert).

5 pm and 6h30 pm : Samuel Thulin will bring you to a listening excursion on Cap à Maquereaux trail, (allée Elphège Noël, Fatima). Subscription is required.

10 pm : Katia Grenier invites you to an Encounter with the Night at the Buttereau du Nègre. A bus will depart from the Headquarters, It will be the only way to reach the site. Reservation is required.


Solstice with Lindsay Dobbin and Jane Motin

Credit Nigel Quinn

Lindsay Dobbin will begin the presentation week of Songlines June 21  at 5 am with a Sunrise Ceremony at Dune du Sud Caves.

At 7h30 am she moves to Buttes des Demoiselles with the opening event : The Invisible Paths. The meeting point is at Havre-Aubert Cultural Center.

9 am : breakfast at Café de la Grave.

At 10 am, Jane Motin invites you to a collective walk starting at La Petite Saline, to re-discover the territory she explored during the residency.

At 7 pm, Manon Lacelle and Nathaël Molaison will animate a storytelling evening at the Headquarters, 518, ch. Gros Cap.