005 | LINDSAY DOBBIN (HALIFAX, NS) | The Invisible Paths


Emerging Métis artist, Lindsay Dobbin works in the fields of sound art, experimental music and performance. The study and practice of traditional drumming occupy a special place in their practice, allowing it to bond with the culture of her ancestors and to resonate with the spaces they choose to invest. For the artist, the whole thing acts as a witness.

The Invisible Paths

Lindsay Dobbin will address Songlines in the spirit of listening, connecting physical phenomena to sound. Body, drum and landscape will be considered as living archives, witnesses to be heard. To document this process of discovery, the artist will appeal to the drum to capture audio and video. In a subtle way, following a staggered rhythm, Dobbin’s process will vibrate and suggest stories, secret voices of the Magdalen Islands.

Lindsay Dobbin is a multi/interdisciplinary Métis artist, musician, curator and educator who lives and works on the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, Canada. Their place-responsive practice includes drumming, sound art, performance, sculpture, social practices, radio and writing. Through placing listening, collaboration and improvisation at the centre of the creative process, Dobbin’s practice intimately explores personal and collective connections to the environment — illuminating the natural world as agent, witness and teacher. Beyond their solo creative practice, Dobbin is also an active artistic collaborator, and have worked on projects with musicians, sound artists, dancers, visual artists and filmmakers. Their work has been presented and reviewed nationally and internationally, and they have received both provincial and federal grants. In addition to their art practice, they are also a passionate educator — employing music, sound, play, improvisation and engagement with the environment as tools for self-awareness and building community. lindsaydobbin.com