Excerpt of Samuel Thulin’s Listening Excursion.

Excerpt of the sound performance Compositional Routes of the Magdalen Islands led by Samuel Thulin. 15 walkers with 8 portable radios work together through motion to create a continuously morphing island of sound.

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Archipelago – Opening of exhibition by Anne-Marie Proulx with Égide Leblanc

Credit Anne-Marie Proulx

Credit Anne-Marie Proulx

On June 12, took place the opening of the exhibition Archipelago by Anne-Marie Proulx. She had organized a conference in the form of a discussion with the technician in geology Égide Leblanc. She presented a mineralogical collection in a photographic form : rocks accumulated during a sty of 61 days on the Islands. Out of their context, with a photographic treatment giving them a wispy appearance, it allowed the public to pay attention to their texture marked by their history. Human history, geological history that Anne-Marie and Égide had enjoyed to intersect in this encounter full of a beautiful complicity.


Boat Launching by Christopher Boyne

Credit Nigel Quinn

On June 25, Christopher Boyne put his boat Diamond Blues in the water. He built this boat out of recycled lobster traps, with the intention to build a replica of the « every boat » of the Islands, especially the one with the cab on the back, the artist says he has only seen this kind here. A very nice way to mark the end of Songlines, but also its continuity in this boat that sailed and these new tracks that have been traced during the residency.

Stroll and Presentation with Sara Dignard and Marie-Line Leblanc

Credit Nigel Quinn

On June 25, Sara and Marie-Line invited the public for the presentation of their lines of desire. During the residency, they walked the daily course of several residents of the eastern part of the Islands. They presented their work inspired by their meeting in Grande-Entrée, when they made us discovers their site : an aluminum dome that served for ice fishing. They invested this object/space to present their documentation and their creations. Inside was projected a video accompanied by a soundtrack.

Ongoing Conversation with Michael Fernandes

Credit Nigel Quinn

On June 23 was held a conversation animated Michael Fernandes. The artist spoke of his approach, his site and his choice of non-intervention in it. The small clearing he found in the path of Chemin des Huet, was already full he said, it did not need to add anything to sustain it. This was followed by a discussion about the distinction between the artist and his work.

Encounter with the Night by Katia Grenier

Credit Nigel Quinn

June 22 at 10 pm, after nightfall, Katia Grenier held a special encounter with the Buttereau du nègre. In pairs, the public traversed a path to go to meet the performances and creations of artists invited to a night bestiary. These artists were : Annie Morin – Sea Wolf, François Miousse – Owl, Carole Piédalu : Crow, Marie Aubin : Cod, Clément Cormier – Fox. All orchestrated by Katia Grenier – Hare.

Participatory photo shoot with Maryse Goudreau

Credit Nigel Quinn

On june 22, Maryse Boudreau realized a participatory shooting at Musée de la Mer. The public was invited to manipulate the spine of a whale fetus while the artist document that interaction with a Super 8 camera. When developed, these shots will join the other she took throughout the residency while she was documenting whales bones collected by people of the Islands. A project whose outcome remains to be discovered!

Evening of stories and tales, with Manon Lacelle and Nathaël Molaison

Credit Nigel Quinn

June 21 was held an evening of tales and stories led by Manon Lacelle and Nathaël Molaison, both had the mandatory to report the artists work through creations and writing of their own.

To listen to the tales by Manon Lacelle that were broadcast on CFIM it’s over here : https://soundcloud.com/chantdespistes

To read Nathaël Molaison’s text it’s here :