Discussion-conference Nature and Culture: Shaking up de Paths

At crossroads of knowledge, wandering and migration lines of the Islands are offered for sharing by local people.

Dunes lines – Mobile madelinien territories with Édouard Leblanc

Air lines – Birds migrations of the Islands with Véronique Déraspe

Water lines – Maritime life of Magdalen Islands English community with Nancy Clark


Véronique Déraspe is a biologist. Her passion for nature, art, music and photoraphy has brought her back to the Islands, where she can cultivate them. She works for Société de conservation des Îles-de-la-Madeleine since six years in order to contribute to conservation and promotion of this outstanding natural heritage.

Nancy Clark was born and raised in Old Harry, Magdalen Islands, where she continues to live today. As an Anglophone, she takes particular interest in the heritage and lineage of the English-speakers of the Islands, who have strong ties to the fisheries and to Maritime culture. Nancy has a BA from University of Prince Edward Island in English and History, and is currently working towards her Master’s in Adult Education for Community Development from St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish.